Mega Yacht Charter

Mega Yacht Charter

Mega Yacht Charter

The first thing to consider is what type of yacht you would like to charter. Megayacht charters tend to be faster and more comfortable in terms of space and luxury. Turkish Gulet charter can provide equal luxury, however, they are slower and appeal to those looking for a more relaxed with a sense of adventure…

Megayacht charter Bodrum options are very few compared to Motoryachts or Large gulets. Once you have decided upon a motor yacht or motor sailing gulets and afterward you then need to start thinking. How many guests you would like to accomodate on board? Where would you like to cruise? Which country and/or vicinity? What is your exact charter period? and how long you would consider mega yacht chartering, and your approximate budget?

We might ask you as many questions as possible and try to determine what are your priorities and desires are, this will enable us to choose the right yacht and yacht crew for you and to make sure your mega yacht charter is as pleasant as possible. The charter rates include the charter of the yacht together with the crew, fully equipped and insured. You will be charged for all other expenses at costs, such as fuel, berthing costs, and food and beverages also any other special services you may request to cover all these mega yacht charter-related costs. We will require an advanced provisioning allowance called (APA) that is 25 % to 30% of the mega yacht charter fee.

The APA is given to the yacht captain before the charter dates to allow the captain to prepare the yacht for your charter with Fueling and provisioning. At the end of the charter, the captain will provide you full accounts of all the expenditures to explain how the APA has been spent for and on behalf of you. This accounting might end up either with a refund of the APA not spent or an additional payment request if the APA received was not enough. Upon signature of the tyba contract you need to pay 50% of the charter fee to the stakeholders account and the balance together with APA payable two weeks or one month before your embarkation date.

Mega Yacht in Turkey

Mega Yacht Charter in Turkey

Most megayacht operators are commercially registered companies and the vat is included in the charter rates however some of the megayachts are subject to value-added tax and the amount would depend on the port of registry and the flag country of the yacht and the country where the mega yacht charter takes place. It is recommendable to have suitable health insurance and cancellation insurance for unforeseen circumstances that may happen before or during your charter period. Megayacht charter Gocek and Gratuities for the Yacht crew who are working relentlessy and very long hours to make the charter a successful one that it is customary to give a gratuity of approximately 10% of the charter fee depending on your satisfaction level.