Crewed Sailing Yachts

crewed sailing yachts charterOur crewed sailing yachts charters and luxury yacht charter are organized from saturdays to saturdays for minimum period of one week, They are quite spacious and they are built for crewed luxury sailing yacht in the Mediterranean and these yachts are maintained in mint conditions.

Crewed sailing yachts are luxurious enough and very spacious, fully airconditioned and very comfortable It is ideal for the guests who like the idea of our crewed sailing yacht charters.

Crewed Sailing Yachts

crewed sailing yachts charterAs our cruises are not really addressed to hard core sailors who enjoy performance sailing against all odds and our itineraries around Turkish coatline and the greek islands have been carefully chosen so that the weather is always pleasant for sailing, the winds are never too strong and the seas donot get rough.

The prevailing wind throughout the season in our sailing areas, is a gentle breeze typically blowing no more than a pleasant beaufort force  5, which provides the perfect sailing conditions for leisure cruising.

crewed sailing yachts charterTo enjoy an unforgettable experience around crewed sailing yachts the Turkish riviera with us, cruising warm turquoise waters, sunshine, blue sky, magnificent landscapes, You can participate in our crewed sailing yacht Turkey or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the awesome sailing experience. crewed sailing yachts